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We avoided it as long as we could. We knew we couldn’t give them up after we’d become attached, and were certain we could not keep them for ourselves. But there came a time when we looked at the little faces in the small carrier and were told these creatures had nowhere to go. With much trepidation, we agreed to become foster parents to a litter of four kittens. We found them adorable, named them Princess, Sam, Gypsy and Scooter, housed them in a kitten-proofed bathroom (no toilet paper and the lid down!), and they made us laugh every day. When it came time for them to move out into the rest of our home, we kept all bedroom doors closed, put away precious breakables and got out the squirt bottle to discourage undesirable behavior. Our resident kitties, Putter, the Matriarch who disliked all other felines, but loved people; Squeaky, who spent most of her time hiding under the bed; Ink, a big lug of lovable; and Slick, the youngest of the crew and spoiled rotten, were not happy. For a few days there was much hissing and carrying on, but kittens are a curious and fearless lot, and eventually our cats resigned themselves to their presence. Slick and Ink reluctantly let out their "inner kitten" and enjoyed many hours of play with these four interlopers.

Finally, after they were spayed and neutered, the time arrived for them to go. Sam and Princess were adopted immediately. It was difficult to watch them go out the door, being carried by someone other than me, imagining that no one else could give them proper care. I had a very restless night. But the next night was easier, and after a few days even easier. When we learned in our follow-up calls that they were both doing very well, we relaxed. Princess and her little girl were going to grow up together. Sam was much loved. Eventually Gypsy and Scooter were adopted together, and by that time, the process was without restless nights. We have since fostered another fifteen kittens, and they have all found loving homes.


This is what we learned. Kittens have boundless energy and are great entertainment. In fact, they’re hilarious. We learned that it was hard to give them up, that we missed them, but that it wasn’t about us. It was about giving another living creature the opportunity to live! The satisfaction we felt each time we learned that yet another of our charges was adopted made it all worthwhile.

Please consider fostering an animal. Any cat or dog rescue group will appreciate your help. And you will not be sorry.

Carolyn Kieler, Volunteer

Angel Paws Animal Friends, Inc.


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