Angel Paws Animal Friends, Inc


Angel Paws Animal Friends, Inc.

Saving one Angel at a time

No Kill, Spay-Neuter, Rescue, Adoption, and forever Sanctuary


A Journey of Love and Dedication

Angel Paws Animal Friends had its beginning in 1977 when boxes of kittens and puppies were found abandoned on my door step.  Finding someone to turn to who would guarantee homes for them and not kill them proved, at that time, impossible to find.  This was before there was a “no kill” movement, before there were organized TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) solutions.

So as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, thus began our journey to save lives of innocent animals that were born with so much love to give to us.

We were blessed.  A kind veterinarian believed in and supported our “no-kill” philosophy and gave us $5 spay/neuter surgeries.   Thus began our journey and lifesaving mission of spaying and neutering animals to stop unwanted and homeless litters.  A natural progression, our adoption program and sanctuary were born.

Since our humble beginnings, animals from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Trinidad, and other areas have been saved through establishing TNR programs, spay/neuter education, and adoptions.  We have worked natural disasters saving animal lives; the most recent was Hurricane Katrina.

All of our experience has prepared us to now focus on reducing the numbers of animals being killed in rural Putnam County, FL.  Approximately 14,000 animals are killed every year whose only crime is they were born.  In a County of 72,000 people, that is a per capita kill rate of 194.44 (this is calculated by the number of animals killed divided per 1000 citizens). The national kill rate is 11.3

As you can see, the need to change our ethics for animals has never been greater.  But we cannot do it without you.  So please, come along with us on our continuing journey to save these forgotten ones and be part of the solution.

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