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Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause
Bonnie Carollin - Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 02:50PM
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There are many moments in Rescue... Wonderful Story!

Yes Virginia there is a

Santa Clause~

We are part of miracles every day. While we might not recognize them as such, or toss it off as an anomaly, our lives are enriched all around us.
As an animal rescuer for many decades, I (as I know others in my field also) have all these experiences with animals that can not be explained any other way. But rarely do we get...

to see the whole miracle unfold and the entire connecting of dots.
This year I was part of a Christmas Miracle, to witness all the dots being connected until the Eureka moment.

Several months ago a stray kitty showed up in NE Florida, pregnant and homeless. She was taken in by a wonderfully kind family and she gave birth to 5 kittens. When the kittens were old enough we spayed the mama cat and put the kittens up for adoption. All except one, Oreo.

Oreo was special said his pet guardian and she was going to keep him. Several other people also wanted to adopt Oreo, but no, he was her keeper. So we put the other four siblings up for adoption at the Lake Mary PetSmart. All were adopted right away except Unique who had also been Oreo's best friend. Unique went back home to live with Oreo. End of story.

Well not quite.

At about the same time the mama cat was rescued, a letter was written to Santa describing a kitten that Abigail, who lives in Seminole County, wanted for Christmas. She described her kitty in great detail and told Santa that she was a very responsible little girl of eight now. That she would get all the necessary things her future kitty would need and wait for Santa to find just the right kitten for her.

Oreo's mom called Angel Paws Animal Friends about a month after Unique went home and due to some issues in her life that had come up she wanted to know if we could take Unique and Oreo in for adoption. Surprisingly, We had space because some other kitties had to be held back.

We only leave our kitties at PetSmart three weeks before we rotate them out. Three days before Oreo's scheduled departure we got the call that Santa had found the right kitten for Abigail and we needed to hold him.

Yes it was Oreo!!

Sweet, shy, and lovable Oreo had been saved for Abigail all along. When Abigail came to meet Oreo and he was taken from his cage along with Unique to interact with the family, well he promptly walked over to Abigail, who was sitting on the floor, and curled up in her lap like he had been waiting for her his whole life.

Yes, Oreo was Special.
And Unique?

He was adopted along with Oreo. Now Oreo will never be without his best kitty friend ever!
Our miracle was we were able to see all the dots being connected and our gift? Being part of the true Magic of Christmas and a little girl who believes in it too.
Comments: 15


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